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A cuisine trip to Kitfo house

Hi there. This is Anna Smith and I’m here in the Ethiopian restaurant called kitfo house.If you are a fan of new dishes you can come here and try a very special and marvelous meal. Do you have any hesitation to eat your dinner here? I’m here in a tour which can answer all of your questions about kitfo and all other Respective questions like how does it made? is it delicious or not? how do they serve it for customers? Is it a really a unique cuisine? Is it worth to spend money and time on a strange food? what are the ingredients and how does it prepared?OK! let’s start our tour and find out the answers of these questions. Come with me and see.


Kitfo is a traditional Ethiopian dish

Kitfo is a traditional Ethiopian dish which is made of raw beef.Are you surprised? Yes! it’s almost a raw food and also it is a really spicy. It consists of some raw beef which is marinated in a spice blend called mitamita.To prepare a dish they blend raw ground beef without any fat with Clarified butter called “niter kibbeh” And lots of Spicy pepper called mitamita.There are different kinds of kitfo that you can order in this restaurant. You can order Cooked lightly rare kitfo Called “leb leb”.There’s another kind of this meal which is a mixture of kitfoWith a kind of salty cheese named “ayibe”.Sometimes they serve it with cooked greens called “gomen”. there are some ways to serve this meal. they serve it with a thick bread which is traditional and called “injera”. Or it served with another bread called “kocho” Which is made from enset plant.To decorate it to the customers they sometimes use a enset leaf As a garnish of the meal.Sometimes they put it into a bowl and serve it with collared green.Sometimes they serve it along with a hot sauce made with mitamita.

can we trust raw meat to eat?

Maybe there’s a question. can we trust raw meat to eat? because of the high risk of Salmonella It is hard to decide if we order kitfo.I asked the manager and he told me it’s safe and Nobody Has got sick because of this food. Nobody has never had any trouble with this food in my restaurant so take it easy and enjoy your dish. Although the manager said it is safe but maybe lots of people don’t want to try a rare meat at all because of the risk of being sick for eating This kind of food. or perhaps you don’t like to try it because you may think it’s awful And tastes bad. Now I wanna try it and tell you about how does it taste? I ordered “leb leb” with some cheese and kocho beside it.OK. let me taste.Ummm!It’s so yummy! believe me it’s really smooth and so delicious. you would like it. Actually it’s a new experience. I’ve never think that I try raw beef at all!But now I can say it’s great and worth to spend your time and money to go here and have and you experience like this.

every cuisine maybe has a story

As you know every cuisine maybe has a story. sometimes this story is historical and sometimes it’s just a taleAnd it’s not real. Let’s take a quick glance on the history of these Ethiopian food. It would be interesting.In Ethiopia people cook kitfo for especial occasions and holidays.They really regard this food. One of these occasions is”Finding of the True Cross”.Another one isA holiday which people celebrate it annually on September 27 and named “meskel” That is holly To the religious people who are from Ethiopia.They celebrate it every year in “meskel square “ And serve kitfo.

OK everybody, our tour is finished and now I just want to stay here turn the camera off and enjoy my lunch. I suggest you if you can’t have a trip to Ethiopia, you can come to kitfo house and imagine yourself as a tourist!Why not? Today by the use of technology you can search new places like this restaurant and if you don’t have enough time to take a travel you can experience strange and special foods And enjoy of Your new tasty experience in kitfo house.I’m Anna Smith from the kitfo house And wish you a great tour!

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