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6 Best Ways to Style Yourself With a Luxury Watch

Luxury watches are a big deal because of their quality and the prestige they bring to their owners. It is common practice for watch owners to wear their expensive timepieces on the non-dominant hand, but styling a watch goes way beyond that. There are several things to consider including, the occasion you are using the watch for, your outfit, and even something as simple as the type of band on the watch. In this article, we’ll provide simple go-to guides for styling your watch.

6 Ways to Style Your Outfits With a Luxury Watch

Whether you’re the type of person who wears a watch every day, or you’re just getting started including watches in your outfits, this guide is a great tool for ensuring that your look remains stylish when you add a wristwatch.

Pick Your Watch/Strap According to The Occasion

It is always important to select a watch according to the occasion. But a simple hack to prevent you from having to purchase many watches is to get different types of straps. Rubber straps are great for sports and working out, while thinner straps complement casual outfits. Ideally, black, brown, and grey leather straps work best for corporate attires.

Get Gold/Silver Chain Watches

Another option is to select chain bands in either silver or gold and choose whichever one works for the occasion. Silver straps are more suitable when you are trying to be lowkey and gold is more extravagant.

Choose Versatile Functionality

Choose a watch that can go with many different outfits. This is usually dependent on the design and the watch’s functionality. For example, chronograph watches like the rolex starbucks, give you a certain level of versatility along with the efficiency of a good luxury watch.

Combine Your Watch With Other Wrist Accessories

When purchasing an expensive watch, going for bands with monotonous colors is the best option. This gives you leeway to select bracelets and other wrist accessories that can complement your outfit. It’s also an easier option than purchasing multiple straps for the same watch and having to constantly change them.

Style According to Your Shirt Sleeve

Most times, people wear luxury watches so that they can be seen. It is important to select clothes with sleeves that stop just before your wrist or those that only cover half your wrist. This style is also suitable for everyone regardless of why they wear their watch. It makes it visible for easier accessibility when you are checking the time and also ensures that it can properly accessorize your outfit.

Don’t Let Your Watch Strap Stay Loose

One major mistake people make is that they tend to wear their watch loosely on their wrists. This is not just uncomfortable, but also a really easy way to spoil the look of a branded watch. Ensuring that your band is tightly fit, but not so much that it hurts you, is the best way to wear a watch.

Finally, while wearing and styling a luxury watch is great, it’s always important to go for watches that can fit your personal style preferences and are also comfortable.

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