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3 Benefits of Agile Workflows

Everyone wants to make their organizations more efficient and accurate, but there are so many strategy options, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Here are three benefits of agile methodologies.

1. More Streamlined Workflows

Agile methodologies help prevent siloing in your organization, reduce the risk of delaying projects for weeks or months and encourage collaboration and communication. You can leverage agile to ensure each department’s workflows are focused, manageable and available to whoever needs to view them. For example, agile accounting workflows will enable your accounting team to improve its output and speed up project timelines while also maintaining all of its accuracy and data integrity.

2. Faster Timelines

With agile methodologies, you can speed up all your project timelines exponentially. Customer feedback, project deadlines and software releases can all be achieved much more quickly with agile than they can with traditional methodologies, such as the waterfall methodology. You can achieve this by incorporating sprints and continuous releases. Sprints break down work into smaller, more manageable chunks you complete in two to four weeks. Continuous releases ensure you’re continually releasing your software to customers and continually improving it for them.

3. Smoother Pivots and Transitions

Using agile ensures you’re more capable as an organization of incorporating customer feedback and reacting to changes, new information and issues you encounter. You can use agile methodology to create dynamic roadmaps for your various departments and projects. Instead of laying out a static timeline and plan, you create a loose outline with your current and future goals. That looseness ensures you’ll be able to drop aspects of the plan that aren’t working and incorporate new goals or information as needed. Unlike traditional workflows, where you run the risk of work on the project grinding to a halt while you revise your plans and timelines, with agile, you can easily pivot your project’s direction or transition to new workflows without stopping work entirely.

Agile methodologies can provide an organization with faster, more efficient workflows. This can ensure your organization can meet customer needs and desires more quickly and more often, without sacrificing quality.

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