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10 of the world’s most scenic bus routes  

The beauty of life is that it can be enjoyed by being amidst lush greenery, glistening beaches, crystal-clear waters, remote hideaways, and mystical mountains. There is no better way to experience it all than by taking a bus.

 Traveling by bus is a genuine delight, offering penny-pinching travellers a front-row view of the world’s scenic byways and never-seen-before sights when hopping from one destination to another.

 So, strap yourself in for a long ride as we embark on a whistle-stop tour of the top 10 scenic bus routes in the world:

  • Leh Bus Tour

Inspiring locales, captivating sunrises, the pristine beauty of the hills, and warm smiles make the Leh bus ride a journey unlike any other.

 One can easily hop onto a bus and witness exhilarating views of the valley below, see the spread of lush greenery, mountain streams in their full flow, waterfalls, and majestic snow peaks in the background.

  • Hawaii Island Tour

You’ll be surprised how far the island stretches. Some are a journey of miles. Others are a journey of decades. Let the buses serenade you on this journey through the Hawaii Islands.

 All is calm, all is right when you visit Hawaii by booking a bus.

  • Switzerland’s Golden Pass

The sweet smell of the air, the quaintness of Swiss towns, the sound of gushing streams through quiet grasslands, the sight of vibrantly hued birds flocking over mountain tops. These are some wonders that await you on a bus journey to Switzerland.

It is certainly one of the most scenic trips you will ever take. To say the least, it is simply the best way to experience the pristine scenery in this country.

  • Srinagar to Udhampur Ride

Throw open the windows of your bus on the journey to Udhampur. Let the breeze leave a kiss on your face.

 The clean air and calm vibe of this place will grow on you, and you wouldn’t want to leave the bus when the short journey (a matter of mere seven hours) comes to an end. A definite bucket list check.

  • Niagara Falls Bus Tour

Well, this has to be the best! The Niagara Falls Bus Tour is a treat to the eyes. It is an incredible sight, offering gorgeous views of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

 The journey will then take you through the scenic valleys of the country and gallons of water pouring over the cliffs every second

  • Number 37, San Francisco Tour

Now, we know San Francisco is known for its cable cars, but the truth is you’re better off taking a bus. It’s a great bus journey for visitors as it hits the parts of the city you wouldn’t normally see as a tourist.

 The route cruises down through Cole Valley, a quaint neighbourhood (often described as a ‘small town in big city’), and Castro (the world’s best known gay neighbourhood). Lastly, you’ll end up in Twin Peaks, the second-highest point in the city that overseas spectacular views of the bay.

  • The Rhine River Tour

Germany’s Rhine River bus tour will take you through the historic fairy-tale towns, robber-baron castles, and nostalgic riverboat cruises. This is not all. There’s a lot to see and experience during this stretch.

Every tourist will get to see many buildings and castles that have been around for hundreds of years. These include Marksburg Castle, Rheinfels Castle, Rheinstein Castle, and Pfalz Castle.

  1. Geelong to Apollo Bus Ride

There’s no need to cough up for a cab to experience Victoria’s sublime Great Ocean Road, one of the world’s most beautiful coastal journeys in Australia.

 Hop on to bus 101 that departs from the historical port city of Geelong, which totters along almost half of the famed scenic route. The left side of the bus will show you the stunning coastal lines, while its right will give you a glimpse of the forested mountains.

  1. Chennai to Pondicherry

Here, freshwater meets sea water. Here, fresh green canopies of leaves and branches are seen as you ride through the bus. Here, fresh fish is ready to be grilled into succulent and flavourful bites, washed down with a chilled beer.

 Overall, a bus ride from Chennai to Pondicherry will surely make you feel a lot happier and refreshed.

These bus routes are simply breathtaking and enigmatic. So, what are you waiting for? Go to a bus booking App right away, book a bus, and experience the beauty of these scenic routes. Happy traveling! 


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